The Lilith Factor   

{May 25, 2012}   Starting Off…


If Jason Bourne came across the radiantly beautiful woman known as Lilith Anciens (pronounced Li-lith Ahn-see-ens) even he would find himself outclassed. James Bond would never see her coming.

Lilith is a member of “The Families,” a group that makes the CIA and KGB seem transparently open. The Families were organized well over one thousand years ago; few outside of the group even know it exists and that knowledge has proven fatal more than once. The Families are terrified of exposure : they are the basis for many legends such as vampires, succubae and incubi.

Everything you think you know is wrong.

Medal of Honor winner Col. Greg Leland comes from a long military tradition but is an unlikely hero. In many ways he is Lilith’s opposite. Where she is bold, gregarious and fearless, he is introspective, unassuming and quietly determined. A Taliban missile put an end to his piloting fighter jets. He lost his son to cancer and his marriage has just ended in a bitter divorce.

This is the story of two totally dissimilar individuals who together find themselves in a struggle to save themselves from the paranoid among both the Families and the rest of the humans in the world that they call ‘Nils’. (the equivalent of  ‘Muggles’ to Harry Potter’s wizarding world.


My genre is SF rather than fantasy — think Tom Clancy’s Hunt for Red October rather than Tolkein’s LOTR —  I try to give the fantastic elements a scientific basis without going hog wild on the tech-speak.

I am already done with the first of three planned novels, doing minor edits and clean-ups. I will post some of my background research and invite comments, If there is sufficient interest, I’ll post a chapter or two.

Next time I’ll give my working ‘rules for immortality.’



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