The Lilith Factor   

{May 26, 2012}   The rules for immortality for my story

“I am somewhere between Count Dracula and Duncan McLeod. I do not — I repeat, do not — drink blood, but I do need more life energy than normal people do –- whatever ‘normal’ really means. Some people call us psychic vampires or, more accurately, ‘energy hungerers.’ I resent the glib term ‘Psi-vamp.’ It means too many different things to too many different people, none of which are accurate. I can kill, like that idiot in the parking garage, and make it look like simple heart failure, which is what death is, in the end. I can also give life back — I augmented your obstinate streak to keep you alive until they separated us in the ER. It slowed my own healing quite a bit.” — Lilith to Greg


Generally, closer is better. Actual touching is best, but not necessary. In general the further the feeder is from his/her source the weaker the flow and the longer it takes to feed. Feeding from multiple sources will increase the energy reaching the feeder.

Powerful, non-living energy sources such as electrical storms, strong winds, earth tremors or volcanic activity can also be used if the subject is attuned to such things. (Not all members are able to do so.) Also, normal electric power — AC or DC — at the voltages and amperages normally found in household settings appear to be of little use as a food source unless there is a comparatively long amount of time available to absorb and process it.

While any living thing can act as a source, Humans and large animals are best.Sentient beings will sometimes notice a slow, non-fatal feeding. The more drastic the feeding the more the source notices he/she is being drained, though they may not realize the source of the draining.

“Death-throe” feeding occurs when an immortal has been so depleted through injury or starvation that all conscious control of the mechanism fails and the feeder draws all life energy to him/herself until the feeder is out of danger. This usually results in the death of most or all sources within drawing range.

The catch is that the feeder must be at least semi-conscious– a totally unconscious feeder will simply die. Maximum range for feeding of an experienced, uninjured feeder is about 50 meters or 155 feet. A death-throe feeding is reduced in range to a 25 foot radius of the feeder and is totally indiscriminate.

As a real life counterpart to a Succubus, Lilith can easily weaken, sicken, and kill those around her by drawing on their life force accidentally if she does not maintain control.

As a blessing, all  senses sharpen, they become virtually invulnerable to disease, can heal most injuries in themselves and others. In short, they are effectively immortal.


The reverse of feeding. True healing requires extreme close contact and takes a toll on the healer as well as the healed. Even simply giving a life force ‘boost’ requires both be within 6 feet / 2 meters in open air. If there are solid obstacles that separate them, such as a concrete wall, that range is reduced to about 20 inches.


“Forgive my asking, but  how did your people come to be? Or is that subject taboo?”

I caressed his face again. “No, I am physically human. Our geneticists think it has something to do with gene complexes in our twelfth chromosome pairs. Very recessive in inheritance, thank the Gods. Do you know what telomeres are?”

“Uhm, a telomere is a region of highly repetitive DNA at the end of a chromosome that functions as a disposable buffer. It’s supposed to have something to do with the aging process.”

“Very good. Ours seem to be longer than usual and renew themselves. Also, our Human Growth Hormone level never goes down, but we don’t know if that is a cause or an effect. All we know for sure is that at some point after completing puberty we stop aging and other traits show up. Unfortunately, we also become sterile,” I replied, regret making me lower my eyes. I did not want him to see how much that admission still hurt.

Physical appearance / aging / tissue regeneration / resistance to disease

Families members are not tied to their biological clock. They can change their outward  age and appearance in a relatively short time. The greater the change, the longer it takes to achieve. (Hair color might take only an hour, a twenty year change in age would require up toseveral days.) Normally, once a physical (ie cosmetic) age is chosen, the body will maintain that age indefinitely. Tissue will regenerate and damaged cells eliminated. Hence, anything that causes damage (ie disease or most injuries) can be stopped dead by the powerful white cells. Not even AIDS stands a chance against their immune systems.


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