The Lilith Factor   

{May 27, 2012}   More background on “the Families”

Defense Intelligence Agency Document

— obtained under Freedom of Information Act

The Families


The earliest known reference to the group who refer to themselves as the “Families” is a Greek text written circa 370 B.C.E. It speaks of a man who does not age, looking like someone in his late twenties when he was known to have served in the Army of Sparta for over twenty years. No one could cross swords with him on the battlefield if he did not wish them to. Wounds healed with miraculous speed. Even the mightiest champions among the enemy army seemed to grow weary with amazing speed when fighting him one-on-one.

Known as Agis, it is possible that he was in fact the king of Sparta as there were two kings with that name. Disappearing in a pitched battle, his body was not among the dead when the victorious Spartans searched.

Researchers first thought that Agis was a myth hero, like Achilles and Ajax –- heroes of the Trojan War -– but the account is not in the style of the sagas and is mainly concerned only with him. Other people and places are mentioned in passing to refer to places and times known by the average Greek reader.

Other accounts appear in various cultures to the present day, although most now appear as tabloid fodder. One of the Medicis in medieval Italy supposedly lived to over 110 before disappearing, for example. The ‘Families’ are first mentioned in relation to vampyre lore, but careful analysis shows that those indicated were not only able to go about in the brightest sunlight, but were not repelled by religious artifacts such as the Christian cross, holy water, etc. and their images reflected in mirrors. A stake through the heart is not indicative, as that will kill anything so wounded.

Since the mid-1800’s, references to the group have grown rare, even as tales of individuals multiplied, usually incredible stories of survival or feats of strength or speed.

The ‘Families’ of today are the most stringent of secret societies. Outsiders investigating them have had research disappear from locked rooms, and in certain cases found to have gaps in their memories as though someone had “erased” that section of their brain. Families members do not easily admit to their affiliation, though they seem susceptible to truth drugs. Humans who make themselves enemies of the Families have died of no known cause; all toxicological and forensic tests available showing nothing of a suspicious nature.


The Families’ leaders do not appear to have a central location. The highest levels appear regional rather than worldwide. Titles, when used at all, are the mundane business or governmental type while as a group they are known simply as “The Elders”. They function as a representative oligarchy, new Elders being nominated on their merits and accepted by consensus.

Local leaders may have charge over a single city (e.g. LA or NYC) while others govern thousands of square miles. (e.g. North American intermountain regions, Patagonia, Brazil.).

Current intelligence indicates the Elders function similarly to the judges of ancient Israel and some are persons of influence in their public personas: (Redacted).

While some individuals become involved with their nation’s politics, the group as a whole seems totally without a political agenda other than maintaining their anonymity. They have not sided with anyone in a major conflict as a group since World War II, when Nazism threatened to overrun both worlds. Careful research has led to the conclusion that several of the Families work for the US Government in the diplomatic and intelligence services. Knowledge of their existence and identity is limited and closely guarded.

(Paragraph <~50 words> Redacted)

Distinguishing Characteristics:

There are *NO* easily observable physical traits. Only prolonged observation can detect a member of the Families. The only known differences are: extremely slow aging, quick reflexes well beyond the norm with equivalent increases in acuity of sight (approximately 20/2), hearing and sense of smell. Also, rapid wound recovery, a very high resistance to disease and strength beyond what their physical frame would seem capable of, (a woman’s strength would become equivalent to or bettering that of a man of the same relative height, weight and fitness level.) It is suggested they also develop a form of telepathy to cause the memory “wipes” — no physical or chemical cause was found.

Top medical authorities believe that there is no simple cause and effect relationship for their “gifts.” If there is any relationship at all, it is at least as subtle and multi-variabled as that of human genome itself.




Larger local Havens are usually large restaurants or nightclubs with “private” party rooms. Smaller ones are like a “gay” or “biker” bar: rarely entered by outsiders.

The other regional Havens are as follows: Berne for the EU, Near East and former communist countries of the USSR, Nairobi for Africa, Madagascar, and the Indian Ocean nations and Kyoto for Siberia south through China, most of southeast Asia and the various islands. The fourth, Sydney, serves Oceania.



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