The Lilith Factor   

{May 31, 2012}   A little about me.

As anyone who’s been forced to do so knows, writing a short bio is harder than almost other form of writing. Now that THAT’S out of the way…

I was an ‘omg, we thought we’d never have a baby’ baby, so my parents were twenty years older than my contemporaries’ parents were. It was four years after I was born before my township was annexed into the city of Columbus, Ohio. Back then they had trolley tracks downtown, still, and Alan Shepherd had not lifted of the ground. Telstar was the only private communications satellite in existence.

Naturally, I wanted to be an astronaut. Naturally, it wasn’t to be.But I did develop a love of reading that continues to this day: The Mad Scientists Club, model building mags, LIFE, LOOK, National Geographic. Heck I even read the World Book Encyclopedia — for the fun of it!  I loved Star Trek–disdained Lost In Space as cheesy. And for some unknown perversity of my soul, followed Dark Shadows religiously (and yes, when I see an episode today I ask myself WTF was I thinking?)

My first official short story was written in high school for an English class competition. My first cartoons were published in my church’s monthly bulletin, and later in other local church related publications. I’ve even had a commission pen and ink of Doll Man. I made it to the regional semi-finals in a national country song writing contest and performed in a country/southern rock band.

The picture in the background is of my Lilith, Drawn, inked and colored by me.. If that makes me sound like I’m Stan Lee, Alan Jackson, Bono and Jack Kirby combined, I assure you, I’m not — by several orders of magnitude — yet, anyway.

My relationship with Lilith goes back many years. I met her in a dream — the kernel of a lot of my work. Back then she was obviously been inspired by my reading a Marvel Comics Book that featured Satana, the sucubbus daughter of Satan who killed hapless victims by consuming their souls (visualized as a butterfly or moth). I managed to witness he killing someone yet somehow was spared by her.

This was a powerful scene, but one scene does not a story make, so I left the roughed-out scene in my files. Lilith herself would continue to haunt me, like any good succubus. She changed her hair color to red from black and toned down her soul-thirstiness. At least around me. eventually she got me to start an new scene that eventually formed the basis for a short story. She would bide her time then bug me again until I finally realized I was going to end up with a Lord of the Rings-sized opus.

I’m still refining the first book and can use fresh eyes, so please comment.


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